Presentation Outline


WhenSeanSpeaks will bring a Multimedia Presentation to your school/university or other venue. A powerful Music Video that sets a thoughtful tone and begins the dialogue that continues as Jenny introduces Sean and discusses their mission. While Sean is speaking a silent video of Jenny caring for Sean while he is deep in coma. She washes his face, shaves him, diapers him and dresses him for a day in the Rehab. All the while, he gazes around unaware of all that she is am doing for him.

This brings a dramatic clarity to the message that they share.

 The presentation lasts approximately 40 minutes, but they ask for at least another 5-10 minutes for a “No Holds Barred” Question and Answer session. This block of time is vital to your youths’ understanding that Sean represents every man (student). He could be any one of them.
..and so could his Mom.


Projector and Screen
DVD player or Computer to play the videos
2 Microphones – These can be either lapel mics or handheld mics, however, if they are handheld, 1 must have a mic stand.

Please call Jenny at 469.323.5627 or e-mail at