Key Vendors

This page has been created to share links to the equipment that Sean uses to enhance his quality of life. It also contains links to noteworthy vendors:

Sean’s communication device is the most important key to his mental and emotional well-being. We are blessed every day that he is able to communicate with this device: Sean now uses an Apple iPad exclusively for speech. He recently paired it with “The Beats Pill” Bluetooth Speaker that is held in the mouth of “The Pillman”. Sean uses the “Touch Chat” app and does all of his own programming of speeches. Prior to moving to the Apple iPad Technology, he used the Comlink LT-3g.  Click Here to go the FRS-Solutions Website, distributor of that device.

A standing wheelchair can fill the need of a wheelchair and a standing frame. Click Here  to check out the Levo Standing Wheelchair. Sean now uses the Levo C3. We cannot speak highly enough of this wheelchair and the improvements it has made in Sean’s life and ability to carry out his everyday tasks of living.

The Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer XL is a device that has allowed Sean to improve control of his body so much that after 5 years he acquired the ability to transfer into and out of his bed on his own. To find out about the Gait Trainer, clickHere to find out more. Although Sean has not acquired to walk independently, he is now able to walk with the aid of his Gait Trainer up to 1/2 mile. He is also able to walk straight and tall with very minimal assistance.

Sean has also exercised daily since 2007 by riding the NuStep. It provides a complete overall workout for Sean, allowing him to keep his muscles strong and also gives him the ability to have a cardio workout as well. Click Here to find out more about the NuStep. The NuStep can be used by a person with limited body control. As long as the individual has the ability to use one limb, this device will make all 4 limbs work.

Sean is now also using a Home Gym, and when he is not traveling, he uses it 5 days a week to work out his entire body. He is probably one of the most physically fit, wheelchair bound individuals you will meet.

Five years after Sean’s crash we found a device that could provide Sean with dignity in the bathroom, and took a huge burden off of his Mom’s shoulders. It is the BioBidet, click Here to find out more. Now standing in his Levo wheelchair to urinate, and able to transfer over to the toilet, when necessary, Sean can be totally independent in the bathroom.


All of our Durable Medical Needs were met by:

Mobility Medical Equipment Company, Addison, TX

Our newest vendor in the East Texas Area is:
Preferred Home Medical

Assistive Technology Needs are met by:
Advanced Technology Resources

Please contact or if you have any questions about the equipment that Sean uses to manage life among the walking and talking.